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Chrissy, Orange Park, Florida


I appreciate all Don did to help me in my stressful employment discrimination situation. My case was extremely upsetting and emotional and even was in the news. Don not only settled the case for me, but was always personally understanding and supportive. 

Medical Malpractice Client, Jacksonville


I came to see Don Pinaud on the suggestion of a friend after two well known law firms in town with billboards and television commercials turned my case down telling me that the doctor didn’t do anything wrong.  From the first visit with him Don disagreed with them and told me that he would make it happen for me and he did. I wish my situation didn’t happen. I wish I had my life as it was before. But we settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been zero if I had not hired Don. 

W.M - West Florida


There’s nothing more scary than being put in fear for your life by the police when you did nothing wrong. After our terrifying episode I tried to find a civil rights lawyer to help us bring a lawsuit against the police department but no one would. Lawyer after lawyer refused to help up. Then we heard about Don and after just a phone conversation he told me that what I went through was definitely wrong and we deserved to be compensated. He ultimately settled our claim without even filing a lawsuit, which we appreciated so we didn’t have to relive the facts all over again. I appreciate him believing in us when no one else would.  

C.E.- Jacksonville


I knew Don already when our daughter was killed, although just in passing. After we lost her, everyone told us it was just a accIdent. That things happen. That there was nothing to be done and no one to blame. Don disagreed the moment we first told him what happened. I remember his exact words :” no way, we are going to get it all.”  In the end, that’s exactly what happened. Don settled our case with the insurance company for the entire several hundred thousands of dollars in policy limits. That helps, but then again, it doesn’t. But he was there too, at the funeral, always checking on us, personal visits. He cared. In many ways that meant as much to me as the money. 

H.C. - Alachua


The car crash I was in might not look that bad, but it destroyed me. Surgeries and therapy and endless pain. The other driver had very little insurance so my only option was to go after my own uninsured motorist coverage to collect more. For twenty years I paid for that policy, but when I needed it the company offered me less than $2,000 at the beginning. Even at mediation they barely came to $50,000 even though I had $150,000 worth of coverage. Everyone tried to get me to take the $50,000, except Don, who told me from day one that we would get the $150,000 or go to trial. In the end, the insurance company paid it all.  You might not always like everything Don says, but he will tell you the truth and you can take what he says to the bank.